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  • In college I took a class called Road Movies and Travelogues: Searching for Utopia. For one of our assignments we had to pick “going nowhere fast” or “going somewhere slow”. I picked the former and made this video. I think it’s one of my favorite things I made while in school. Serious Baltimore 2009 Copy Cat time capsule. If you look closely you can spot all the usual suspects. 


    Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by our table at Open Space’s PMF V this past weekend! It felt wonderful to be a part of such a great gathering of creatives. It was truly inspiring : ) 

    If you live in the Baltimore, MD area you can pick up a copy of ACRES Issue 2 at Rock512Devil or Atomic Books. For everywhere else you can grab one through our online shop!

    ACRES Issue 02 



    Excited to announce that ACRES 2nd issue will be released this coming weekend at Open Space’s 5th Annual Publications and Multiples Fair!

    D Center, 16 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218
    March 8th and 9th, 12pm - 6pm Saturday and Sunday

    Issue 02 Features art, interviews, writing, and more by:

    • Molly Colleen O’Connell
    • Ginevra Shay 
    • Alex Ebstein 
    • Samantha Margherita
    • Max Guy 
    • Brian Nicholson 
    • Zoe Axelrod + Geoff Kixmiller 
    • Eric Allen Hatch 
    • Zack Ingram
    • Dina Kelberman
    • Rjyan Kidwell
    • Rusty Burke IV
    • Lexie Mountain + Pete Cullen
    • D’emetrius Rice
    • Leah Horowitz
    • Brendan Sullivan


    Spread da word. We’re coming.

    New series on the website from my recent trip to California



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